Your New Workout: “Fitness Snacking!”

Fitness “snacking” is now a thing… Like, instead of a full workout, you take 5 minutes to do some squats, pushups and planks. You don’t need to warm up – and you won’t break a sweat. So you can do it anytime you have a free 5 minutes. And fitness snacking can pay off. In the short-term, it activates muscle fibers and elevates your heart rate, without wiping out your energy for the rest of the day.

A study from the National Cancer Institute says short bouts of exercise throughout the day can prolong a person’s lifespan as effectively as longer workouts. We’re talking about things like taking the stairs, taking a 10 minute walk, or even cleaning your house for a few minutes.

And here are more benefits to exercise snacking…

A daily 15 minute exercise snack can reduce the risk of depression by 26%.

You’ll also burn more fat. Short bursts if interval training lead to greater fat loss than long, low-intensity workouts.

And a quick fitness snack can improve memory instantly, by increasing blood flow to the brain.