Your Food Prescription For Better Health

If you want to get healthy without taking pills, try adding these foods to your diet:

To lower your cholesterol, eat more organic strawberries. They’re full of plant chemicals called anthocyanins that can lower your cholesterol naturally. And according to the Journal of Internal Medicine, they’re as effective as a prescription! Now, if you’re already on a statin, don’t stop taking it. Just add a half-cup of fresh or frozen strawberries to your daily diet.

Next, if you have frequent heartburn, bloating or indigestion, have three-quarters of a cup of pineapple BEFORE your biggest meal of the day. It can cut your risk of digestive issues in half. That’s because pineapple has natural digestive enzymes and anti-inflammatories that help move food through your digestive tract faster… and pineapple calms stomach and intestinal spasms. But, it needs to be FRESH pineapple to get the benefits. Because the processing involved in canning or freezing the fruit destroys those helpful compounds.

One more food cure? Eat peanuts for weight loss. According to the University of Windsor in Ontario, eating a half-cup of peanuts daily can help you shed 52% more weight every month. It’s down to the healthy fats and minerals in peanuts that encourage the body to burn fat for fuel. Peanuts also reduce cravings and hunger.