Why Your Dog Needs a Fitness Tracker

Does your dog need a fitness tracker?

They might…… Because more than half of all dogs are considered overweight or obese. 

And if your dog wears a tracker, you’ll see how much activity they get in a day. And so if it’s next to nothing, you’ll know you need to do more daily walks and games of fetch. 

You can try something like FIT BARK.  The app allows you to see how many steps your pet takes, calories burned, sleep patterns and how intense or relaxed their playtime is. FitBark can also sync up with your own activity tracker – so you can see how you and your dog match up, activity-wise. You can check it out at FitBark dot com.

Another pet fitness tracker is Whistle Go . It does the same things as FitBark but it can also track your pet through GPS.

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