Why we shouldn’t hide our scars

Normally when an injury leaves us with scars, especially on the face, we want to hide or minimize the scar. In fact, “scar revision” procedures are one of the most common reasons people seek plastic surgery! 

But if that describes you, you may want to save your money: Because your scar could be the reason most people see you as friendlier AND more attractive than someone who doesn’t have visible scars.

That’s according to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania. Researchers collected photos of faces, and digitally altered some to add scars of different sizes, locations and severities. Then, researchers got about 2-thousand people to view and rate each photo for traits including confidence, friendliness and attractiveness.

The result? Without fail, scars rarely led to faces being rated as less attractive. Instead, they were more likely to be the reason faces were perceived as significantly more attractive, friendly, and even more confident!

That’s because having a scar suggests you’ve been through some things and survived. Plus, the fact that you’re NOT trying to hide your scar shows you’re authentic. 

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