Why We Need a Silent Time Every Day

We need to make time for a little SILENCE every day! Because we now know it’s an excellent way to GROW your brain and help it thrive!

That’s according to psychiatry professor Dr. Mathias Basner from the University of Pennsylvania. He says, our world is louder today than it’s ever been. Today’s sirens are six times louder than they were a century ago – and they have to be because our cities are louder, too. And noise pollution doubles every three decades. 

But when we’re exposed to excessive noise, it triggers our body’s stress response. Our brain thinks we’re under attack. 

And even with “safe,” persistent sounds – say, from steady traffic – our brains stay activated for hours. And all that noise wears down our energy, and triggers the release of hormones proven to raise our risk for heart disease, stroke, and depression! Even a single night of noise exposure while we sleep can make our blood vessels stiffer! 

And that’s why we need a dose of silence every day!

One recent study put mice in a soundless chamber for 2 hours a day. And they actually GREW more brain cells…… especially in brain areas linked to memory and problem-solving! Essentially, silence gives our brain more capacity to think and grow.

That’s why Dr. Basner recommends having a few minutes of total SILENCE every day – where the only sound you hear is your own breathing. 

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