Twenty million gardeners know the secret

Scientists: Why gardening is so therapeutic 

It’s safe to say our growing interest in gardening isn’t going anywhere! That’s according to a new National Gardening Survey, which found that more than 20 million novice gardeners picked up a trowel for the first time last year! And surprisingly, most of them were men under age 35! So, what’s the biggest gardening trend this year?

Growing food crops and other edible plants are the top priority.  And today’s younger gardeners plan to stick with the hobby for years to come. The reason?

First, younger adults are putting off having kids longer than ANY previous generation. And for those who feel the urge to “nurture” something, plants offer a perfect fit.Plus, many home gardeners describe their plants as a “form of therapy.” Because the daily routine of watering and weeding forces us to slow down, and be “in the moment,” which is proven to lower stress and boost our mood.

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