Summer Is Good For Your Health!

Here are some ways that your health, your love life, and your work life improve in the Summer.

•    First, your health naturally improves in the summer months. Why? Because your heart has its own style of summer vacation. The smallest number of fatal heart attacks occur between June and September according to the medical journal Circulation. Why? Because, surprisingly, people drink less alcohol in the summer. People also naturally consume fewer calories, exercise more, and relax more than they do during winter months.

•    How can summer improve your love life? Take up an adrenaline pumping sport with the object of your affection. Doing that guarantees closeness – without the tension that can come from one of you trying to teach the other how to do a sport. According to Dr. Howard Markman, founder of Love Your Relationship couples’ retreats, learning something together is a bonding experience. Dr. Markman’s recommendation? Rock climbing. for great scenery, and the adrenaline rush that comes from danger – which makes couples feel closer and more attracted to each other.   

Plus, it’s non-competitive. So you’re never trying to beat the other person.    

•    And finally how can summer improve your work life? By taking time off! A study of workers who traveled overseas for their job found that even though a business trip comes with pressures and strains, the levels of stress and burnout actually decreased during the trip. It seems that a change of scenery and an escape from the workday routine might be all it takes to make a positive difference. Plus, according to human resources specialists, spending more time at work does not make you a better employee. People who put in over 55 hours a week are more likely to burn out and be less productive. Tell that to your boss when you turn in your vacation request.