Solve Your Problems Like A Superhero!

The next time a problem arises – pretend you’re a superhero! That’s according to Dr. Jane McGonigal – a performance-studies expert. She says, when we’re faced with real-life problems, we think of them as roadblocks – and it’s more difficult to push through them. But thinking like a superhero will make your mindset more determined and optimistic. So here’s what Dr. McGonigal recommends:

She says, when you need more inner strength, take two minutes to jot down the qualities of your favorite superheroes – like their sense of justice, kindness to strangers, and courage. Then, tuck that list in your wallet. It works because, when we’re asked to consider the positive traits of a particular group – we naturally compare ourselves to the group – and end up listing our OWN positive traits. And research from NYU and MIT found that people who made superhero lists were more courageous, outgoing and unselfish afterward.

So, the next time a problem arises – think like a superhero!