Rules For Taking Vitamins!

We want you to get the biggest health boost from your vitamins and supplements! So, try following these rules:

First: Take them with food. Dr. Douglas MacKay, from the Council for Responsible Nutrition, says eating triggers digestion, which helps our body absorb vitamins and minerals from food and supplements.

Another way to get the biggest health boost from your supplements: Take them with fat. Because many vitamins – including A, D, E, and K – are fat-soluble, meaning fat makes them easier to absorb. A study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found adults who ate a high-fat breakfast absorbed 32% more “D” than those who ate a fat-free breakfast.

But watch the caffeine. It can keep your body from absorbing vitamins and minerals, because it speeds digestion and your vitamins may run right through you. So, wait 15 minutes after your last sip before taking supplements.

Finally: Schedule your vitamins. For example, B vitamins should be taken in the morning, because they provide energy. But others – like magnesium – should be taken near bedtime, because they can make you drowsy.