Overcome Your Procrastination

Get ready for some productivity hacks to break through your procrastination

First, break up your project into small pieces. I know, you’ve heard that advice a million times. But here’s why it works. According to Penn State University, people are more likely to do small tasks as soon as possible, because they seem easier. And once we get something accomplished, it’s psychologically rewarding enough for us to keep going and move on to the next small task.

One more way to stop procrastinating: Create a “temptation bundle.” That comes from Wharton business professor Katy Milkman. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you DON’T want to go to workout – but you DO want to want to watch “Tiger King.” Milkman says to only allow yourself to binge watch while you’re on the treadmill. Or you DON’T want to pay bills, but you DO want to eat ice cream. So only eat ice cream when paying your bills. And “temptation bundling” works. Studies show people are significantly more likely to follow through on unpleasant tasks when they’re combined with things they find pleasurable.