Music Has Healing Power!

Music has the power to heal! That’s from neurologist Dr. Barry Bittman, CEO of the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute. He says making or even listening to music can improve our health. Here’s how:

First: If you snore, sing! Snoring occurs when the flabby muscles in our throat collapse, then vibrate as air flows past. But singing tightens the throat muscles. In one study, snorers who sang enthusiastically for 20 minutes a day snored 57% less often, and 47% more quietly. Bonus: Less snoring means a better night’s sleep, and improved daytime energy.

Next: Got sinus pain? Hum! Dr. Jon Lundberg is a professor of pharmacology at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute. And he found humming increases air movement between our sinuses and nasal passages by 15 times. In fact, humming for just 10 minutes a day can help prevent sinus problems.

Finally: Feeling blue? Listen to Gregorian chants – the sacred Medieval Latin songs performed by monks. According to Imperial College London, the musical structure of Gregorian chants has been shown to cut blood pressure, reduce stress and even repair our DNA – after just a few minutes of listening. In fact, the video game Halo featured Gregorian chants and the sound track because a best seller!