Live Your Life Without Regrets!

According to Psychology Today, REGRET is one of the top “negative mindsets” that creates chronic stress in our lives… because regret stops us from fully letting go of the past, and embracing the here and now – and the future! So, let’s help you live a life with NO regrets with advice from Tenzin Kiyosaki. She’s a hospice chaplain who wrote about the top regrets she regularly hears from patients nearing the end of their life. Her new book is called “The Three Regrets.”

First: People regret not following their dreams. Whether it was to travel more, start a business, or apply for their dream job. Kiyosaki says a common question she hears is: “What if I had just taken a chance?” And it’s why she recommends seriously thinking about the goals YOU’VE been putting off. Then, take steps to at least try to fulfill them.

The 2nd most common regret of the dying: Not sharing love… say, by expressing what’s in your heart to those who are most important to you.

And the same goes for Forgiveness. Kiyosaki says forgiving others may be the greatest gift you can give YOURSELF! Because it helps you go through life carrying ZERO regrets.

The name of her new book is, “The Three Regrets: Inspirational Stories and Practical Advice for Love and Forgiveness at Life’s End.”