Live Your Life With No Regrets!

According to a survey from Cornell University, most of us have at least one regret. So, here are some strategies to live a life with NO regrets, from life coach Ryan Holiday, author of “The Obstacle Is The Way.”

Rule #1: Say “yes” more often… especially to new experiences that are out of your comfort zone. Holiday says, it’s normal to avoid things that seem scary at first… But if ANY part of your brain is thinking “This could be good for me,” that’s your cue to just do it.

Rule #2 for living a life with no regrets: Avoid toxic people. Life coach Holiday says he regularly engages in “friend purges” where he cuts ties with people who act fake, or are too negative. Because research shows our attitudes and emotions can be contagious… and if people in your life make you feel like you CAN’T do something, their negative energy can drain you.

Finally, always have a goal. Write it down… memorize it… and LIVE by it. Holiday says goals give us a purpose to wake up each day, so we don’t go through life feeling like we’re “just winging it.” Goals also give us a way to measure our own progress. And people who are actively working toward their goals tend to have the fewest regrets!