Is Your Cat A Furry Genius?

Here are some tests to figure out your cat’s IQ:

  • Start by putting out three plastic cups – and mark one with an “X”. Then, show your cat a treat and place it under the marked cup and let her knock it over. Repeat that a couple times. Then, skip the treat and see if Fluffy still looks under the cup marked “X”. If so, animal behaviorist Diana Guerrero says, you’ve got a smart kitty.
  • Okay, how about this test. Put your cat’s favorite toy in a brown paper bag and watch how he goes about getting it out. The more creative he is – jumping, chewing, or clawing the bag – the better. Why? When cats show creativity, it means they’re using brain power and are more adaptable to new situations.
  • Put an unfamiliar object in the room – like an open umbrella – and see what Mittens does. Does she stalk it, sniff it, bat it with her paw? The more of those actions little Mittens does, the smarter she is. Behaviorists say smart cats know instinctively to be cautious of new things. So the more she investigates, the smarter she is.
  • How often does your cat ask you for things? Does he wander over to the treat jar when you come home? Does he paw at your hand, asking to be petted? Does he bring you his favorite toy, wanting to play? Behaviorist Geurrero says, the ultimate way to measure a cat’s intelligence is to see how well he manipulates his owner! If you want to stimulate your cat’s brain even more, leave the TV on – especially on animal programs. Cat’s are more visual than dogs and will watch TV – often jumping at the screen. Want one to try? Go to Amazon and search for GoCat “Cat Dreams” DVD for Cats. These DVDs are especially for cats.