How To Tackle Your Clutter!

Get ready to tackle your clutter! Try these tricks from the book “Goodbye Clutter, Hello Freedom.”

First, if you don’t know where to start, take photos of your cluttered rooms from different angles. Because, when we look at a photo, our eyes focus on what breaks the flow of the image. That can help you zero-in on the areas to tackle first.

Next, focus on closing circles. What that means is, every task should start and end in the same place, like a circle. So, let’s say you’re making a cup of tea. Before you take your first sip, the kettle should be rinsed and returned to its spot. That may sound daunting – but it’s the opposite. Closing that circle gives you more energy for other tasks. Rather than dreading coming back into the kitchen and seeing the kettle sitting out. So close the circle on tasks by completing them fully, instead of leaving loose ends.

Finally, leave open spaces. If you make sure every room has one open surface, it leads to less clutter. For example, just seeing one empty expanse of kitchen countertop makes people less likely to leave dirty dishes on it. So leave open space and you’ll be less likely to fill it with clutter.