How To Get Out Of Your Rut!

What’s holding you back from making changes in your life? It could be what’s called “status quo bias.” It’s a psychological phenomenon in which you stay stuck in a rut because you’re comfortable with what’s familiar. Whether it’s an unfulfilling job or relationship. It’s easier to just keep going on the same path. Because change can be scary for a lot of people.

So, here’s how to get unstuck from the status quo bias, according to mental health author Gabby Bernstein.

First, figure out what your goal islike a new job – and then imagine what it’ll feel like once you achieve your goal.

Then, take action… Like spending 30 minutes looking for new jobs.

By taking small steps toward your new goal, it’ll feel less daunting. You’ll feel a sense of momentum that’ll keep you going. And when you’re thinking about your new goal, don’t focus on where you want to be, or what you want to do. Bernstein says to focus on how you want to feel – like excited to go to work. Shifting your focus to how you’ll feel reduces the anxiety around how you’ll get there, so you can adjust your plan as things evolve. And that can help you stay motivated even if there are hurdles along the way.