How a Laugh Improves Memory

Loma Linda University: laughing makes your brain process memories more effectively.

Here’s an amazing memory-booster. If you’ve been more forgetful than usual these days, you just need more laughs! A new study from Loma Linda University has found that laughing makes your brain process memories more effectively.

For the research, one group of study subjects watched a short, funny video…… while another group just sat calmly in the study room with no video to watch. Afterward, all the participants were given memory tests and had their stress levels measured.

The result: Those who watched the funny video scored far better on the memory test and had experienced less stress during the test. The researchers confirmed what other studies have proved…. that the less stress you have, the better your memory will function.

So here’s the way it works.

When we laugh or even just smile…. those actions reduce stress hormones, lower our blood pressure and send more feel-good dopamine to our brain. That’s a chain reaction that alters our brainwaves, and increases gamma wave activity. And the scientists conclude that those brain waves improve our memory and recall.

Bottom-lining this; We now have a terrific reason to watch standup comedies or hang out with our funniest friends. Because it’s a fact that laughing causes our brain to process memories more effectively.

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