Here’s How to Lower Your Risk of Depression

Have you been feeling more blue than usual – for no apparent reason?

It might be time to invest in blackout curtains for your bedroom! Because research now shows a strong link between depression and low-level exposure to light at night! 

Dr. Kenji Obayashi is a professor at Japan’s Nara Medical University and in one of his studies he measured nighttime light levels in the bedrooms of thousands of adults. The participants were also monitored for symptoms of depression over a two-year period. The result: The brighter the light levels in the person’s room, the more likely they were to be depressed. 

Dr. Obayashi found that even a small amount of light at night reduces production of the sleep hormone melatonin, and that can lead to interrupted sleep. And Obayashi says if that happens night after night, it could gradually lead to depression. 

So, if you want to sleep well, and lower your risk of depression – eliminate as many sources of light from your bedroom as possible. 

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