Have Your Most Productive Day!

After you wake up, how long does it take you to get going and be productive? If you’d like to get going faster, try these tips from organizational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Hardy – which can help you perform at your best in 30 minutes or less!

First: Exercise. Because physical activity is proven to decrease the extra anxiety we’re all going through these days. And psychologically, if you take time to care about your health and fitness, you’re more likely to care about other things, like doing an amazing job each day!

Also, in the morning, devote 10 minutes to meditating, praying, or expressing gratitude. Dr. Hardy says mindful activities like those force you to think about the positive things in your life – which helps you achieve what he calls an “abundance mindset,” where anything is possible.

Finally, set a goal to read something each morning. As Dr. Hardy puts it, quote: “Ordinary people seek entertainment. Extraordinary people seek education and learning.” It’s why some of the most successful people in the world regularly read a book a week! But even if you’ve only got 15 minutes to spare, Dr. Hardy says reading will switch on your brain in a way that’ll help you perform at your very best!