Have You Been Feeling Blue Lately?

Scientists say that January 17th will be the most depressing day of the year for North Americans – as the winter doldrums set in from cold weather and short days. Today’s a new day and it’s time to help you flip on your Happy Switch, with these tips:

Fill your home with flowers. Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that people are naturally wired to feel happier, less stressed, and more compassionate when they’re around flowers! So decorate the high traffic areas of your home with bright flowers.
Start each day with citrus. The Vitamin C in oranges and grapefruit helps lower cortisol – the body’s natural stress hormone. Studies show that drinking one glass of OJ in the morning or eating one grapefruit for breakfast, gives you enough Vitamin C to stress-proof your day!
Socialize! Good friends help lower your blood pressure and stress, which promotes better health overall. If you’re hard up for a cheery friend right now, a pet is the next best thing. Researchers at Saint Louis University found that playing with a dog can instantly lift your spirits – no matter if it’s your own dog, a neighbor’s or one you see in a pet store.
Stop and smell the cinnamon. A study in Australia found that the aromas of cinnamon or vanilla will set off a wave of feel good endorphins. You don’t even have to eat anything to get the effect!
Finally, if nothing else makes you feel happy: Imagine an island. Studies show that simply imagining a bright and tropical place will trigger a flow of alpha waves that can slow your heart rate and breathing, causing you to relax. So sit back and imagine a Caribbean cruise with the John Tesh Radio Show.