Gorillaz Release New Single ‘Silent Running’ Featuring Adeleye Omotayo

 Gorillaz recently released a new single, “Silent Running,” featuring Adeleye Omotayo’s lead vocals.

“Silent Running” is a track from the band’s new album, Cracker Island, which is due to arrive on February 24 via Parlophone.

“Silent Running” concerns “that sort of mesmerising dreamlike state you get in when you’re just following some train of thought,” Damon Albarn said.

Gorillaz frontman 2D added, “Sometimes I get well lost and end up in the wrong place but then it turns out that’s where I was meant to be going anyway.”

Gorillaz previously released “Baby Queen,” “New Gold” (featuring Tame Impala and Bootie Brown), “Possession Island” (with Beck), and “Skinny Ape” from the forthcoming album.