Foods That’ll Boost Your Brainpower!

If your brain could use a boost, here are the foods to eat to improve your memory, sharpen your concentration, and help you come up with wittier come backs. This comes from the book “The Thinking Man’s Diet.”

First, if you have an emergency meeting with your boss, eat a handful of raisins. Raisins are full of boron, and USDA tests found that people who consumed a lot of boron did better on attention and memory tests. You can also find boron in apples and nuts, too.

If you’re cramming, or putting in overtime, eat an egg-salad sandwich and drink a glass of milk. Eggs and milk are the best sources of choline, a chemical that helps your brain store and recall information. And studies show that college students given a choline supplement before a test scored higher than students without the choline boost.

And if you’re having an afternoon slump, drink a cup of coffee and eat 2 chocolate chip cookies. The caffeine in the coffee will improve your attention and problem solving skills. And the fat in the cookies releases a hormone that helps your system absorb the caffeine. But stop at one cup of coffee. A study done by Ohio State University found that students given more than one cup did worse on their tests.