Feist Shares Three Songs From New Album ‘Multitudes’

 Feist has announced a new album, Multitudes, and shared three songs from the record.

“Hiding Out in the Open,” “In Lightning,” and “Love Who We Are Meant To” mark the Canadian indie pop singer-songwriter and guitarist’s first new solo tracks in six years.

The 12-track album is set for release on April 14 via Interscope.

While in the workshop for Multitudes, Feist gave birth to her daughter and lost her father.

“The last few years were such a period of confrontation for me, and it feels like it was at least to some degree for everyone,” she said in a statement.

“We confronted ourselves as much as our relationships confronted us. It felt like our relational ecosystems were clearer than ever and so whatever was normally obscured—like a certain way of avoiding conflict or a certain way of talking around the subject—were all of a sudden thrust into the light,” Feist added. “And in all that reassessment, the chance to find footing on healthier, more honest ground became possible, and the effort to maintain avoidance actually felt like it took more effort than just handing ourselves over to the truth.”

(Photo: Sara Melvin & Colby Richardson)