Do You Wear PJs All Day?

Are you wearing pajamas right now? If so, you’re part of a very big – and growing – club! It used to be if you stayed in PJs all day, it was a sign you’d given up. You couldn’t be bothered to put on real clothes!

But since last March, things have changed… PJs are now stylish – and ubiquitous!

In fact, about half of the people surveyed say they’ve worn pajamas all day at some point or another since the pandemic began. And sales trends reflect that!

According to the sales director at Saks Fifth Avenue, people now have pajama wardrobes… Meaning, a pair for all occasions! A pair for Zoom meetings, a pair for running out for coffee, and a pair for actual sleeping!

The market research firm, NPD Group, says sales of pajamas are way up… With brands like The Great and Eberjay seeing pajama sales double last year!

So of course, other companies are jumping on the bandwagon! Athleta just debuted its sleepwear range… Christian Dior just released its “Chez Moi” collection of sleepwear.

The trend forecasting firm says the perception of pajamas has shifted. We value them more now because we’re spending so much time in them.