Control Your Clutter!

If your house is overrun with clutter – here’s advice from organizing expert Dana K. White. She says we need to change our mindset about our “stuff.” She calls it “The Container Theory.”

She says, the solution for clutter is not to get a new shelving unit, rent a storage unit, or even buy a bigger house. The solution is to let your house be your container. Essentially – you can’t fit more into it than the space allows. Meaning…

The size of your closet determines how many clothes you can have.

The size of your bedroom determines how many dressers you can have.

And your house determines what a bedroom is – and no other room should change itself to hold the overflow. So the office should not become a make-shift closet space.

It’s like only being able to spend the cash you have in your wallet. Once the cash runs out – you can’t spend anymore.

Well, once your closet space runs out, you can’t bring any more stuff into the house without getting rid of something else currently taking up space.

And that’s “the container theory.”