Clean Your House To Clear Your Mind!

Studies show that a clean home equals a clear mind…

Because clutter stresses us out. But there are certain types of cleaning that work better depending which headspace you’re in.

For example: If you’re feeling annoyed, do a deep clean. Like scour your tub or power-wash your patio. According to Melissa Maker who wrote “Clean My Space,” intensely cleaning something – then seeing the dramatic result – can bring you back to a neutral mindset. It releases endorphins, putting you on a more even keel.

Next, if you’re feeling anxious: Organize. Maker says, messiness over-stimulates the brain. And when you’re anxious, your brain is already over-stimulated. So organizing not only puts your stuff in order – it can put your thoughts in order, too. And to make sure organizing doesn’t overwhelm you, know that it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

The final way to clean to change your mindset: If you’re feeling lost and without direction or purpose: Purge. Happiness researcher Gretchen Rubin says creating physical space is transformative. You can’t move forward if there’s nowhere to go, right? So clearing things out and purging creates open space. That lightens your mental load and allows you to start fresh.