Best Food to Help You Sleep Better at Night

What we eat throughout the day can help us sleep better at night. So here are foods to help you get better quality sleep……

For starters, get more magnesium. According to the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, people who get enough magnesium in their daily diet are less likely to have trouble sleeping. That’s because it’s an important mineral for relaxation. It helps neurotransmitters in the brain shut things down at night, so we can rest. To get the optimal amount, all you need is a handful of nuts or seeds daily.

Another sleep-booster: Eat more high-fiber foods. They digest more slowly, so you won’t have blood sugar spikes that can disrupt sleep. So, think oatmeal, whole fruits, lentils, or 100% whole grain toast. 

One final sleep-booster: Sprinkle the spice turmeric on your dinner. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory that promotes a sense of calm and boosts sleep quality.

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