Are You Experiencing Post Traumatic GROWTH?

There’s no doubt the last year has been incredibly hard for everyone. But some people are reporting “post traumatic GROWTH”…

Meaning, they feel they’ve grown emotionally and spiritually – and they have a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.

The study’s author, Dr. Paul Stallard, is a professor of Child and Family Mental Health at the University of Bath in England. And he says, many study participants found that leading quieter, slower lives during the last year produced positive effects. Their growth stemmed from reconsidering what’s really important in life and it led to positive changes in their attitudes and a better work/life balance.

And it’s not like the people in the study weren’t affected by the pandemic… 70% lost income… all were parents of school-age kids… and 1 in 5 had a family member who contracted Covid.

Despite all that, nearly half of all study participants said their family relationships had grown stronger… and they described feeling a greater appreciation for life.

And the researchers say we can come out of this period of time happier and healthier by embracing aspects of a quieter life and redefining what’s really important to us.