Are you bombarded with micro-stress?

It’s easy to recognize when big things are stressing us out – like getting laid off, or going through a breakup. 

But smaller things that annoy us can add up – like a passive-aggressive email from the boss, or even a sink full of dishes. And they eventually have an outsized impact on our mental and physical health. Rob Cross is a leadership professor at Babson College – and he calls that MICRO-STRESS!

Professor Cross says micro-stresses are why we can feel exhausted or defeated at the end of a day – even if nothing big went wrong.

Studies even show that minor stress that’s experienced within two hours of a meal, slows our metabolism! So we don’t burn off as many of those calories! If that happens every day, it adds up to 11 pounds in a year!

So be aware of – and address – the micro-stresses in your life. Meditate, journal, exercise and get out in nature – all the things you do to deal with big stress will work to mollify micro-stress, too.

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