Allen Davis


They call Yuma a “starter market” for media personalities. Since I’ve been around a while now, what does that make me? (Don’t answer that!)


I’m thrilled to call Mix 100.9 my new radio home. The 80s Lunchbreak? I lived it. That part of me that wishes I was Taylor Swift’s “old man crush”? I’m living that, too. (Well, kind of. She’s sort of high-maintenance, don’t you think?)


So that’s something I’ll cop to right out of the chute: I’m mostly joking. Like, all the time. Except for when I’m not. And you probably won’t be able to tell. Don’t stress about it. Let’s just go start the day together with a smile and some useful information about what’s going on here in the Yuma area.


Here are some things I’m not kidding about. When I say it’s time for the “news,” the news that follows will pretty much be true. Also, I appreciate it when someone on the air here is both local and professional, who can inform credibly and pronounce names correctly but also entertain when the right opportunity presents itself. So in my non-joking moments, that’s what I will give you. Well, except for maybe some of these Hispanic names. “Xochitl”? How are you supposed to pronounce that, with only a Bachelor’s degree in English?*


(*Actually, it’s pretty close to “ZOE-chee.” At least that’s what I’ve been getting away with. See, I warned you not to take me too seriously.)


Here’s something else I’m not kidding about: I hold another full-time job in addition to playing your favorite songs on Mix 100.9. So I apologize in advance if I sometimes seem like a hard man to get a hold of. If you really, really need to, start with Twitter*: I’m at @DJAllenDavis.


(**That way, if you’re going to troll me, you’ve at least got to keep it short!)


Let’s have some laughs along this journey. After all, “looks like it’s going to be another scorcher out there today!!!”


7:24am5:32pm MST
Feels like: 66°F
Wind: 12mph N
Humidity: 10%
Pressure: 30.26"Hg
UV index: 3