Allen Davis


“Happy to have called Yuma my home now for more than 20 years, I’m even happier to get to be with you every weekday, where we can listen to some tunes and have a little fun.


I’ve been fascinated with radio since I can remember. And I always appreciated the broadcasters who could joke around, but could also inform with intelligence and credibility. Those are the announcers whose examples I follow.


Originally from the Midwest, I met the lovely “Mrs. Davis” on what was supposed to be a brief stop here on my way to another broadcast market. I’ve developed a taste for machaca, chili verde, pollo asado and tortilla soup to go along with my already-bad barbecue and meatball habits.


Mrs. Davis is busy working when I’m on the air, so we can talk about her, and about some of the attractive qualities of artists we play … the deal is, you can’t tell her about it, OK?


Another thing we can talk about is the need to “hang in there.” Everybody – even rich, famous and successful people – has something about life that’s bothering them, sometimes dangerously so. Keep hanging in there through the rough stuff, and we will make the next good times roll our way.


When not on the air, I have a day job, a house, a mortgage, a wife and two children to keep me permanently busy. So I apologize in advance if I sometimes seem like a hard man to get a hold of. If you really, really need to, start with Twitter**: I’m at @DJAllenDavis.


(**That way, if you’re just there to troll me, you’ve at least got to keep it short!)”

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