A Hobby That Can Improve Your Life

If you’re looking for a new hobby……one that can improve your life – socially, mentally and physically? Try SINGING!

Robin Dunbar is an evolutionary psychologist……and he says singing with others, in a choir, an acapella group or band, will reduce stress and worry.  That’s because it’s so incredibly social – and you’re literally in harmony with others. That’s why singing produces a massive hit of endorphins, which makes you feel closely bonded to the people you’re singing with. 

But even if you sing alone – in the car or shower – it still has benefits. It can improve your respiratory health – whether you have COPD, Parkinson’s, asthma or cancer. In fact, because singing provides such a great workout for the respiratory system, it’s even being used to help people suffering from long COVID!

And psychologically, singing reduces stress because it involves the body and mind. You can’t be rehashing a fight in your head while you’re singing because the vocals over-take the communication center in your brain. Plus, it encourages what psychologists call “flow state.” That’s the feeling that you’ve lost track of time because you’re so deeply engaged in an activity. 

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a hobby that can improve your life, socially, mentally and physically – sing!

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