3 Resolutions To Avoid This Year

There are certain resolutions you should never make because they’re practically impossible to keep. Let us help point you in the right direction this year with a list of the top resolutions you shouldn’t make, starting with: 

Conquering your fear of heights… by skydiving. Why shouldn’t you do it? Because going to extremes for your emotional health is more foolish than fearless. Psychotherapist Dr. Patricia Farrell says you should have a healthy respect for heights, speed and other dangerous things. So, don’t bungee jump or skydive to conquer your fear – only do it if it’s a longtime dream – not if it’s about proving something to yourself or others. If fear is something that’s really holding you back in life, seek counseling.

Do hard-core exercise every day. The boot-camp approach may get you buff in a hurry, but it can also overtax muscles. And personal trainer to the stars, Liz Neporent, says that makes you more susceptible to injury. Instead, vow to do something every day. A goal you’ll actually stick with makes more sense than going for broke and burning out.

To fit into your favorite pair of jeans from high-school. Even if you weigh what you did at age 17, your body could be a lot different. According to Fitness magazine, our bodies go through a variety of changes over the years. Muscle is replaced by fat – or vice versa. Curves become more defined, especially after having kids. So, drop your old jeans off at Goodwill and splurge on a new pair. Instead, your resolution should be to stay within 10 pounds of the weight you were senior year, as long as that was a healthy weight. There’s no reason why you have to weigh more as you age, according to Dr. Walter Willet from the Harvard School of Public Health. He says, next to not smoking, that’s the most important thing you can do to stay healthy and live a long life.

Some New Year’s resolutions seem like a good idea, but set you up to fail. What New Year’s resolutions were a total bomb for you? Which ideas did you think would be great but ended up fizzling out?