15 Minute Tasks To Make Your Life Easier

Let’s call it January’s Law – the bigger your list of resolutions, the less likely you are to accomplish ANY of them. But there’s nothing better than crossing something off your life’s to-do list, whether it’s finishing a book you wanted to read, or finishing that novel you’ve always wanted to WRITE. And here’s the good news – if you can’t get it done in January, there are 11 more months in the year! But, to keep you rolling, here are some easy tasks you can do in just 15 minutes that’ll help make your life easier.

Empty your email inbox. Either delete old messages or file them. If your inbox is just too overwhelming to tackle, then focus on one week or even one DAY’s worth of emails.
Take digital photos of all the valuable items in one room of your house. For insurance purposes. Keep the photos in a folder with the original receipts or estimated values, and serial numbers and warranties.
Create a list of parties you think would be fun to throw this year. Then later, pick one and make it happen. Come up with a fun theme – such as a summer carnival, complete with a hamburger cook-off, or a softball championship competition.
Program 5 essential numbers into your cell phone – like your doctor and your favorite take-out restaurant. This way you’ll avoid searching in address books, phone books or through random business cards for the same numbers again and again.
Memorize a short poem. You’ll always feel a bit more cultured if you can recite a fabulous poem on cue. Head over to The Academy of American Poets page at Poets.org. You can hear great poets – like Robert Frost – read their own work.